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Innovators in EMS Fitness Technology

Empowering Fitness
Journeys Worldwide

Fit Express is dedicated to revolutionizing fitness with cutting-edge Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology. We combine innovation, safety, and customer focus to provide superior fitness solutions that improve workout efficiency across the globe. Our commitment drives continual product advancement, empowering individual and business fitness goals.


Pioneering EMS technology that enhances workout intensity and efficiency.


Equipping over 100 gyms globally, with proven success in sales and client satisfaction.


Committed to excellence with a 60-day money-back guarantee and full customer support.

Dedicated Professionals Driving Fitness Innovation

Meet the Team Behind Fit Express

Our team at Fit Express is comprised of industry experts, visionary engineers, and passionate fitness professionals all united by one common goal: to revolutionize the way people train. Each member brings a wealth of experience and specialized knowledge, contributing to the development of groundbreaking EMS technology that pushes the boundaries of what's possible in fitness. Get to know the minds and hearts powering our mission to enhance health and athletic performance worldwide.

Richard Rudas

Managing Partner

Arpad Rudas

Managing Partner

Erno Rudas

International Relations Expert

Omar Abaza

Director of Operations USA

David Milan

Data Collection Specialist USA

Andreea Nacsu

Chief of Sales Department

Mikael Padilla

Master Trainer USA

Alina Stefan

Business Advisor USA

Aliz Vojnits

Country Manager Hungary

Cosmin Cobuz

Master Trainer EUROPE

Florin Culcea

Art Director

Daniel Puișor

Web Designer

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Whether you're a gym owner, a fitness enthusiast, or a health professional, our blog is designed to help you understand the deeper aspects of EMS benefits and applications. Dive into our articles to discover practical tips, innovative training techniques, and industry news that will empower you to achieve more in your personal and professional fitness goals. Keep coming back for fresh content aimed at enhancing your knowledge and driving success in all areas of fitness and wellness.

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